15 Best Slogan Generators

All About Slogans, Taglines & Mottos

70 Best Divi Font Combinations

Over 70 best DIVI font combinations that you can test. Select a great Heading font and test it against the best body texts.

17 Common HTTP Websites Codes & Errors


A list of 89 of the best Divi Page Builder for WordPress tutorials by Elegant Themes. A perfect starting point for beginners and intermediate level users of Divi.

Included, is an Excel file with a list of all 89 Divi tutorials. There are 22 topics covered:

1. Animation
2. Blog Posts
3. Buttons
4. Contact Info
5. Filters
6. Fonts
7. Footer
8. Hero Section
9. Hover Effects
10. Icons
11. Images
12. Lists
13. Navigation
14. SEO
15. Social Media
16. Tables
17. Tooltips
18. Videos
19. Divi Features
20. Modules
21. Must Sections
22. Other

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Lighted light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

27 Tips for New YouTubers

May 14, 2022 | Video

Lighted light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

15 Best Slogan Generators (2022)

February 14, 2022 | Design

A man with a surprised look

All About Slogans, Taglines & Mottos

February 5, 2022 | Design

A man with a surprised look

17 Common HTTP Website Codes & Errors

October 20, 2020 | Design

3D render of an abstract background with white extruding cubes

How to Create a Two Column Layout in Divi

June 15, 2020 | Design | Divi


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10 Most Recognized Slogans

10 most recognized slogan infographics.



























Infographics of the 10 most recognized brand slogans.

See large Canva infographics

11 Most Common HTTP Errors

11 Common HTTP Errors 800 optimized

Infographics summarizing 11 most common HTTP erros, what they are and how to fix them.

See large Canva infographics

Websites: How to Use Animations

Infographics How to Use Animations 800px optimized

Infographics summarizing the use of animations on websites. Animations improve usability while they entertain.

You can use Animations to: 

  • Create movement
  • Entertain visitors
  • Draw attention
  • Highlight important elements
  • Improving usability
  • Decorative purposes
  • Improve workflow

See large Canva infographics

Websites: How to Use Buttons

Infographics How to Use Buttons 800px optimized

Infographics summarizing the use of buttons on websites. Buttons are necessary in website design, it is effective buttons that create a successful design.

You can use Buttons to: 

  • Help navigate
  • Convert users
  • Perform an action
  • Inform visitors
  • Improve SEO
  • Indicate states (clicked, hover, etc.)

See large Canva infographics

How to Claim Economic Payment

How to claim economic payment infographics

Infographics summarizing the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) application process.

See large Visme infographics


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70 Best Divi Font Combinations for 2022
Divi Font Combination Examples

A playground of 70 or even more Divi font combinations. You can select from 58 Headings and combine it with 59 Body Fonts, by dragging them to a Font Combination Playgrounds.

Another option is to use the alphabetized filters at the bottom of the page to select a Heading from the left filter and test it out against a Body Text in the right filter.

Mathematically, there are thousand of permutations but practically not all fonts go well together so lets just say at least 70 good Divi font combinations.

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Divi Snippets

Divi Snippets Page












Divi CSS snippets to help you resolve some frequent web design issues. Quick pieces of code that will improve your web design in Divi Theme.

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Divi Gallery Layouts

Divi Layout 1 Gallery 400px optimized

Simple but effective gallery layouts for large portfolios. Used in another website design project for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company that had over 40 galleries of work.

Gallery Examples for New Frontier Living Inc.

There is a free file for download included.

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Divi 2-Column Layout

Example of 2 page Divi layout

This is a unique but very practical two-column layout when you have sections that are not even and you need to have an overflow of information. You can also add more columns.

An example of how it can be used is on my Design Books for Non-designers page

There is a free file for download included.

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Website Design for Remodeling Company


NFL HomePage

This is a new website for a large kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. I wanted to incorporate all the years of beautiful work to showcase the company’s portfolio. All the assets needed to be organized and resized into 40 galleries.

The New Frontier Living Inc. website is built with Divi Web Page Builder for WordPress

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Hero Designs for Divi

Modern Divi Header

These layouts were inspired by the two tutorials by Elegant Themes. These layouts were recreated to show interesting Hero sections in action and to build a downloadable file so you can recreate them and use them in your project. 

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Keynote Presentation Design

17 Most Common HTTP Website Errors optimized

A Keynote animated presentation with effective layout and modern transitions.

Scroll to the bottom to access. Click on the power slides or open in Keynote.

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Blog Hero Backgrounds & Font Combinations

iPhone Flower Photography 200 001 iPhone Flower Photography 200 002 iPhone Flower Photography 200 003 iPhone Flower Photography 200 005 iPhone Flower Photography 200 004 iPhone Flower Photography 200 006 iPhone Flower Photography 200 007 iPhone Flower Photography 200 008

Hero backgrounds for a website with sample title font combinations.


3D render of an abstract background with white extruding cubes

89 Best Divi WordPress Tutorials

August 21, 2020 | Design | Divi

Book of curated Divi WordPress page builder tutorials by Elegant Themes. The tutorials are divided into 22 categories. 

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City Photography

Streets of Houston, TX

City photography using iPhone. Most photos are posted on Instagram account @AkaAki157

See all city photos.

Flower Photography

Flower Photography AkiStepinska 067 min

Flower photography using iPhone. Most photos are posted on Instagram account @AkaAki157

See all flower photos.

Nature Photography


Nature photography using iPhone. Most photos are posted on Instagram account @AkaAki157

See all nature photos.










Divi Design















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Aki Stepinska

In my web designs, I mainly use HTML, CSS, JQuery, WordPress, and Divi page builder.

I want websites to not only look good but also to communicate well with their audience. The presentation of information is paramount. I love simplifying and clarifying complex information into accessible content, such as infographics and articles.

I have a BA in English and Economics and a minor in Computer Science. You can learn more about my writing experience and About Me through these links.


Drop me a line, share something, interested in working together, or do you just want to say hi. 

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