Use Canva’s Doc to Deck to Create PowerPoint Presentation?

by Nov 27, 2023Canva

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence, especially when it comes to creating impactful presentations. Canva’s Doc to Deck AI Slides feature is a game-changer, allowing you to craft engaging PowerPoint presentations in a matter of minutes. Let’s dive into the process and discover how you can turn your last-minute presentation needs into a stress-free experience.

Introduction: The Need for Speed

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a presentation is needed in just an hour? Canva’s Doc to Deck AI Slides can be your go-to solution for quick and stunning presentations. In this blog, we’ll explore how this innovative feature can streamline your workflow and help you deliver impressive slides with ease.

Copy & Paste Into Canva

No need to start from scratch. Simply copy all the text from your existing document, head over to Canva, choose the DOC template, and paste your text. Canva seamlessly transforms your Word document, setting the stage for the magic that follows.

Initiating the Magic – CONVERT and Create

Click on the CONVERT option in the upper right to kickstart the creation of your presentation. Whether you have brand colors to use as your theme or prefer exploring other template styles, Canva provides the flexibility you need. Click “Create my Presentation” to generate a draft that remains highly customizable.

Design and Style – The Aesthetic Touch

Access the DESIGN option on the left. Under STYLES, play with color palettes and fonts to create a visually appealing presentation. Opt for a cohesive look by selecting a specific style, such as the Rose-colored glasses, and apply it to ALL your PAGES.

Refining Layouts

Navigate to LAYOUTS at the top to refine the appearance of each slide. Enhance readability by adjusting fonts and layouts. Canva provides the tools to make your presentation not only quick but also aesthetically pleasing.

gray rectangle as a placeholder

Slide Variations for Engagement

Return to the Layout section and pick different variations for each slide. Keep the presentation interesting while staying within the same theme for a consistent and professional look.

Inserting Images

If your presentation includes a slide with an image frame, head to ELEMENTS on the left. Search for a fitting image, insert it into the frame, and customize the image using various filters and editing options.

    gray rectangle as a placeholder

    Completing the Presentation

    Continue selecting various slide layouts for the entire presentation. Before exporting, take a moment to preview the presentation to ensure it’s not only readable but also interesting and professional.

    Exporting to PowerPoint

    Click the SHARE button in the top right and select the PP document option to export your presentation to PowerPoint.

    Final Touch in PowerPoint

    Opening the presentation in MS PowerPoint, you’ll be delighted to see it looks exactly as it did in Canva. Every element remains editable, allowing you to make changes effortlessly..

    Conclusion: Effortless Presentations in Minutes

    Canva’s Doc to Deck AI Slides is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create stunning presentations swiftly. In less than 10 minutes, you can transform your ideas into a captivating slideshow.

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