Creating Dynamic Captions for Videos in Descript

by Dec 22, 2023Descript

Picture this: you’ve just finished editing a great video, and now it’s time to add captions. While manually transcribing and formatting captions can be a tedious and time-consuming task, there’s a game-changing tool that can make your life a whole lot simpler.

Descript is a dynamic captioning tool that automates the process for you. Let us learn how it can revolutionize your captioning workflow.

Transcriptions Made Easy

One of the standout features of Descript is its ability to automatically transcribe your videos. 

Once you upload your video to Descript, the tool starts transcribing it. I have been very impressed with the transcript’s accuracy, considering that I have an accent. 

Descript Captions1

Customize Captions to Match Your Style

Once the transcript is ready, select your text that you want to add captions to and select the Text option at the top. 

On the right, under Captions, you have full control over the appearance of your captions, including their style, color, and position.

**Customization is Key:**

  • Choose a style: Karaoke, Classic, or Clean.
  • Customize text and background colors for readability against your video background.
  • Select style for words already spoken, active and future words.
Descript Captions2b

Tailor Captions for Every Scene

In addition to customizing your captions with different styles, you can also adjust their position on the screen. If you need to change the position for different parts of the video, simply select the captions track in the Timeline and split it. This allows you to modify the position before and after the split, and you can do this multiple times as needed.

This level of precision allows you to accentuate important moments or provide context in a visually engaging way.

Control Text Flow with Ease

Long captions on the screen can often feel overwhelming, creating a cluttered appearance. Descript puts you in control by allowing you to determine the maximum number of lines displayed at once. Whether you stretch the caption text-box to accommodate more text or shrink it to a single line or even a word, the choice is yours.

**Flexibility in Placement:**

  • Move captions for optimal placement without interfering with the visual elements.
  • Utilize split captions for varied positioning throughout the video.

This ensures that your viewers can comfortably read and digest the text without feeling bombarded. 

Descript Captions4b

Modifying the Formatting

In addition to its extensive customization options, Descript also allows you to fine-tune the appearance of your captions. You can easily customize the font style, size, alignment, and even capitalization.

Descript also has few special effects that you can add to your captions, such as blur, zoom or pixalation.

Descript Captions3b

Test, Adjust, and Iterate

As with any creative process, it’s essential to test and iterate your captions to ensure they’re effective. 

You can quickly make further changes, preview them in real-time, and iterate until you get most readable captions for your video.


Descript is a powerful and efficient tool designed to simplify the process of caption creation for your videos. With its automatic transcription feature, you’ll save valuable time, while benefiting from comprehensive customization options that ensure your captions align seamlessly with the purpose of your video.

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