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Makers of Divi - Elegant Themes

The Divi Theme was built by Elegant Themes. Nick Roach is the founder and CEO. Elegant Themes have been in business since 2008. As of 2022, they employ over 100 people.

Divi Theme

A very popular WordPress theme that is a Page Builder (website creator where design can be made visually drag & drop capability).

Divi preview

Divi Plugin

If you have another theme but would like to edit it visually with a drag & drop front end editing, you could use the Divi Plugin (not Divi Theme). This is an alternative way of using Divi if you prefer to use another Theme.

Divi Plugin

Extra Theme

Another popular theme by Elegant Theme that is created as a Magazine Layout. 

extra preview

Free Live Builder Demo

If you want to test Divi Theme before buying, you can test it out on a demo site. 

Divi Demo

Free Layouts

When you purchase Divi Theme you will have access to almost 260 free layout packs, which consists of number of pages. You can use them to build website much quicker as you don’t have to start from scratch.

Divi Layouts ETH

Monarch Plugin

Social Media sharing plugin that is developed by Elegant Theme. You can place it at different parts of your posts and pages. This page is using the Monarch plugin.

Monarch Plugin

Divi Marketplaces

These sites specialize in everything Divi. They often sale and provide third-party plugins, child themes, layouts, classes, forums and other tools. 

Divi.Space Marketplace

This site sells an annual ($199) or lifetime membership ($449) to access their and other third-party Divi:

  • Plugins
  • Courses
  • Child Themes
  • Layouts

Divi.Space Marketplace Pricing


Offers a Divi tool with custom and advanced module settings that extends website functionality.

Divi Pixel Example

Divi Cake Marketplace

No membership is required. The site offers paid (starting at $0.99) third-party-developed Divi: 

  • Plugins
  • Child Themes
  • Layouts

Divi Cake Marketplace Examples


You can purchase individual products or sign-up for membership and get access to:

  • Plugins
  • Child Themes
  • Layouts

Divi Extended also offers annual ($199) or lifetime ($399) membership for all their products.

Divi Extended Website Products

Divi Extended Membership

Divi LIfe

Divi Life is owned and run by Tim Strifler. It offers Divi-specific products and tutorials. There are number of free and paid products that you can download or purchase individually such as:

  • Plugins
  • Child Themes
  • Layouts
  • Tutorials
  • Courses

You can also purchase an all-access pass for $149 per year or for $349 for a lifetime.

Divi LIfe Examples

Divi LIfe Membership Pricing

Personalities & Divi Gurus

This is a list of people that are involved in many things Divi through their businesses, selling products, doing tutorials, and providing services. If you do anything with Divi you will meet them sooner or later.

mark hendriksen

Mark has been doing a lot of work with Divi. He offers a number of free resources as well as paid ones. He has great Divi tutorials and some nice layouts.

  • Layouts
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Plugins
  • Marketplace

mark hendriksen Examples

Darrel Wilson Logo

Darrel’s Divi section of his website has free and paid products such as:

  • Layouts
  • Templates
  • Tutorials
  • Plugins
  • Child Themes

Darrel Wilson Website

Josh Hall

Josh is engaged in many things Divi. He offers a number of free resources as well as paid ones. He has great Divi tutorials and courses.

Josh Hall Examples

Divi Lover

Divi Lover is owned and operated by Ania Romanska. She brings a little more warm design to Divi. On her website she offers free and paid:

Divi Lover Examples

Divi Lover Toolbox Plugin

YouTube Channels on Divi

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Tutorials by Darrel Wilson

I absolutely love Darrel’s tutorials. He is fantastic. Very funny, great at showing tips & tricks, and has good walk-through videos. He also does things (like videos on Elementor, WordPress, etc.) but his Divi videos are very helpful. That is where I would start if I was starting all over. 

Best walk-through video to get started with Divi: https://youtu.be/RvehqgXKvmM

Darrel Wilson DIvi Playlist

Tutorials by MAK

I think MAK used to be part of the Elegant Themes family but it seems like he branched out. However, many of his tutorials are superb. They are so well produced and he has a gift of explaining complex concepts.

MAK Divi YouTube

Donjete Vuniqi  from Elegant Themes

My absolute favorite Divi coach from Elegant Themes is Donjete Vuniqi. Her tutorials are always out of the box and she incorporates some CSS/HTML/JQuery magic. 

Her blog with instructions are also very insightful. 

Donjete Vuniqi YouTube

Divi Hosting

Below is a list of recommended hosting companies by Divi and a couple of other Divi players. These hosts are highly compatible with Divi Theme. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the least expensive option. When you use this type of hosting you are hosting your site on a server with others. The pro of shared hosting is the low cost but the con is that you are sharing server resources with others.

For people just starting that is often the first way to host your site.

SiteGround Hosting 1

I switched to SiteGround myself in 2020 to speed up my Divi sites. For the three sites that I manage and the amount of traffic I have, I have been happy with the shared hosting on SiteGround.


SiteGround Hosting Pricing

Pressable Hosting 1

Pressable Hosting Pricing

GreenGeeks Hosting

GreenGeeks Hosting Pricing

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the most expensive option. Your site is placed on multiple servers and is served from the servers with the most resources available.

Cloudways Hosting 1

Cloudways Hosting Pricing

Managed Hosting

When you chose to host your site on managed hosting you will have a dedicated server for your website. The advantage of this type of hosting is that all the server resources are at your disposal. On the other hand, the cons are that it is a more expensive option although a more secure one also.

Flywheel Hosting 1

Flywheel Hosting Pricing

Kinsta Hosting 1

Kinsta Hosting Pricing

WP Engine Hosting 1

WP Engine Hosting Pricing

Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting Pricing


There is nothing like learning in a group with a community of people that are working toward similar goals. I find the Divi meetups especially great and positive experience. 

Divi Meetups

Divi Meetups

You can meet up (often via zoom) with local Divi users in your area or start your very own chapter. You just have to have an Meetup account and the events are free.

Divi Meetups Events

Facebook Groups

Divi Community has over 16K of members.

Divi Community

Divi Theme Users has almost 72K of members.

Facebook Divi Theme Users

Divi Theme Examples (+ Extra too) has around 20k members.

Facebook Divi Theme Examples

Finally, Divi Web Designers is a group run by Josh Hall and has about 23.7k members. 

Facebook Divi Web Designers


A list of places where you can find and hire or work with a freelancer who specializes in Divi Theme websites.

Facebook Groups

Divi Freelancers for HIre hs over 7.5K of members. It posts jobs, projects or problems for Divi work.

Facebook Divi Freelancers for Hire

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