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Have you ever received an email with a professional and eye-catching signature and wondered how to create one for yourself? Look no further than the HubSpot Email Signature Generator.

This tool allows users to quickly and easily create beautiful email signatures that make a lasting impression. In this blog post, we will explore the features of the HubSpot Email Signature Generator and how it can elevate your email communication to the next level.

Creating Professional Signature in Minutes

The HubSpot Email Signature Generator offers users six professionally designed signature templates to choose from. Whether you prefer a clean and minimalist design or a bold and vibrant one, there is a template to suit your needs.

Once you have selected a template, you can populate it with your personal information, including your name, job title, company name, and contact details.

Email Signature 5b

Customizing Options to Match Your Brand

Apart from entering your personal information, the HubSpot Email Signature Generator allows you to style the signature with your brand colors or preferences.

You can choose from eight fonts and apply your brand colors to create a consistent look. Additionally, you can upload custom images such as your profile picture or company logo to further enhance your signature’s visual appeal.

Email Signature 3b

Linking to Logo or Profile Picture

The last tab lets you upload custom images, such as your profile picture or company logo. Now you can’t upload it directly to the tool, but rather you have to use either Dropbox or Google Drive to store these images and then link to them through an URL.

When you link it to a logo or profile picture on your Google Drive, make sure you go to Share and specified a link that is accessible to anyone.

Email Signature 4b

Seamless Integration with Email Platforms

Once you have finalized your signature, you can export the template to majority of email platforms, starting with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and others. There are instructions how to integrate it with each of the email platforms.

Gmail Error Message

Copy and paste it into your email platform. However, when I tried to save it to Gmail, I was receiving an error message saying I have reached the 10,000 character limit!

This can be attributed to the HTML and CSS code, as well as any images included in the signature.

Go back to the HubSpot Email Signature Generator and copy the source code, which will include HTML and CSS code. 

Email Signature 7b

 Then leverage tools like Code Beautify to view and edit the HTML and CSS code to fit within the character limit.

Actually, if you paste the HubSpot Email Signature code into the viewer and select the Run/View option, you can then copy the output, and the error message in Gmail will be removed.

Email Signature 8b

Test The Signature in Gmail

I will start composing a new email and then select my signature by clicking on the pen icon at the bottom. And my signature looks great. I can test it by selecting each of the elements to see whether the links are still there, and they are.

Email Signature 9b


The HubSpot Email Signature Generator makes it easy to create professional and eye-catching email signatures. Choose from diverse templates, customize with ease, and seamlessly integrate with different email platforms.

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