Masked and Filtered Hero/Headline Sections

Inspired by Elegant Themes

The layouts below have been inspired by the tutorial by Elegant Theme. These tutorials, listed below, produced some great Hero/Headline sections but didn’t have a download file.

How to Recreate The Color Filters, Effects & Blend Mode Examples with Divi (Part 1)(Part 2)

Here are the semi-re-created layouts. They are modified in ways that I saw fit and that would help you take them and modify them further to your needs.


Blend Modes 1 – Luminosity

New Features

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project 4
project 4
project 4

Blend Modes 2 – Multiply



Blend Modes 3 – Overlay

Web Design




Blend Modes 4 – Exclusion

Aki S. Favicon Color

Blend Modes 5 – Screen

Get the Most Out of Life

Diver in a water with flippers & a mask

Perfect From Begining to End

Beautiful in Its Simplicity – Enhance Your Life

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