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Gem of Hawaii in Northwest Suburbs

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From outside it looks very tiny, but once you enter the door you will see that the venue is very long and spacious. It is definitely hidden on the plaza.

  • Overall 89% 89%
  • Food 90% 90%
  • Atmosphere 95% 95%
  • Service 85% 85%
  • Price 85% 85%
  • Location 90% 90%

Gem of Hawaii in Northwest Suburbs

Tiki Terrace is this unexpected hidden gem in Des Plaines. I remember when I went first time to the restaurant. I used to go to the food store at the plaza and a friend wanted to go out for drinks to Tiki Terrace. I was surprised that there was such a place at this plaza. What really disquises it even more is that the entrance is very small, but when you go inside it is actually much, much larger. The place is very long and the small entrance really hides it. I am so happy that the plaza finally installed the xxtable of places at the plaza. Until recently, only the name of the main place was listed.

This is a great place for a birthday or anniversary celebration. When I called to make a reservation, I was suprised that they were asking what is being celebrated and what were the names of the birthday people (we had two in our party).

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After the show you can take pictures with the dancers on the stage

When you make a reservation for the dinner & show, for 8:30pm, come at least at 6:45pm. If you come too late then you get your dinner when the show starts and it is hard to eat and watch, especially for people who have their backs to the stage.

Atmosphere & Show

The show was fun & entertaining. We were transported to the Hawaii islands. The presenter was funny without being too cheesy. He kept the atmosphere light and kept a good show pace. The dances were beautiful. I didn’t know you can do so many movements with your hands. The leading woman performing danced beautifully. When you made reservations, the restaurant asks you if you are celebrating anything and the names of the people who are. Well, guess what happens, during the show, the birthday/anniversary/etc. – Celebratory people are incorporated into the show…in a funny, light way, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

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Food Quality

The food was lip-smacking good It was fresh and delicious. The sauces were light and full of flavor. There were variety of meat options (chicken, pork, beef) included in the dinner & show package. There was a large selection of drinks. Bonus – the restaurant could make virgin version of many of the adult drinks. My kids loved the virgin margaritas.

Drinks were not included. These were extras. There is a large selection of alcoholic drinks – from cosmopolitans, lava, xx. Large selection of beer as well. My kids liked that the restaurant could make virgin options of some of the alcoholic drinks.

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The menu has a variety of options – from meats such as shrimp, beef, chicken to vegetable options. Many of the dishes you can specify to be prepared as mild, medium, hot & very hot (mild is spicey for us ;-). There is also a section of non-spicy dishes, appetizers, soups, and desserts.

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We had a great waitress, she easily connected with us without being fake. There was a bit of wait time for our food and she came to apologize and let us know how much longer we would have to wait.


About $26 per adult & $15 per child on Fri & Sat for Dinner & Show. Drinks are extra. Wednesday dinner & show prices are $20/$15, respectively. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy, meaning there is a small charge if you don’t cancel your reservation within 24-hour. 

Totally worth the price. You get a lot of freshly made and delicious food and a 2 hour of a show.

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