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by Dec 28, 2023YouTube

Sometimes you may need to edit or trimp an already uploaded YouTube video. You can actually do that with the YouTube Studio editor.

We will go through how you can easily trim, cut, and enhance your content without the hassle of republishing.

Navigating YouTube Studio Editor

To begin, go to your channel and select “Manage Videos.”

Make sure you are in the CONTENT area, then choose the specific video you want to trim or cut. Hover over the video you wish to edit and select “DETAILS.”

YouTube Edit 1b

 To access YouTube Studio Editor, click on “EDITOR” located on the left side. Within this feature, you can edit six aspects of your already published videos without having to republish them and risk losing views and earnings. You can trim, cut, blur, add audio, and modify the end screen and info cards for your videos.

YouTube Edit 2b

Exploring YouTube Studio Editor

This section introduces you to the interface, where you can make impactful changes to your videos. 


More often than not, you may need to remove something at the beginning or end of your videos. In my case, I had to eliminate old intros that were unnecessary, dull, and caused delays in showcasing my content.

YouTube Edit 3b
  1. Initiating Trim: Click on “TRIM/CUT” at the top.
  2. Adjusting Handles: Two blue handles appear; use zoom controls for precision.
  3. Fine-Tuning: Zoom in for better control, adjust handles, and eliminate unnecessary frames.
  4. Saving Changes: Click “SAVE” at the top right.
YouTube Edit 5b

Once you save your video, you will receive a message stating that it may take some time for the changes to be seen by viewers. While the video is being processed, the current version being displayed will still be the old one.


You not only can trim the beginning or end of your videos, but you can also cut sections in the middle of your video multiple times. However, after each save, you will need to wait for YouTube to process the file before making another change.

  1. Creating Cuts: Position the playback indicator and click on “NEW CUT.”
  2. Handle Adjustment: Two red handles appear; use magnifiers for precision.
  3. Confirmation: Click the CHECKMARK to confirm the edit.
  4. Previewing Edits: Use playback indicator for previews.
  5. Adding/Removing Cuts: Easily add or remove cuts as needed.
YouTube Edit 6b


In addition to cutting and trimming, you can also perform various edits, such as blurring sensitive information in the video. There are multiple blur options available for different needs.

  1. Handling Sensitive Information: Use the “BLUR” option in YouTube Studio.
  2. Face Blur or Custom: Choose between face blur or custom.
  3. Custom Blur: Adjust the blur’s position and shape.
  4. Testing and Saving: Reposition, test, and save the changes.
YouTube Edit 7b


While you can’t remove existing soundtracks and audio, you can add new ones to already published videos. 

You can use the YouTube Audio Library, to add license free audio.

  1. Adding New Audio: Select “AUDIO” to access the YouTube Audio Library.
  2. Track Selection and Trimming: Choose a track, trim, and reposition as needed.
  3. Testing and Removing Audio: Test the audio and remove it at any time.

End Screen & Info Cards

The last two edits that you can perform in YouTube Studio are the options to modify the End Screen and Info Cards. 

Even though you can also make changes in the video set-up section, what is great about editing them in the Studio is being able to see all the relative locations of both at the same time. 

  1. Adjusting End Screen or Info Cards: Under “VIDEO Details,” select “EDIT.”
  2. Save Changes: Save your adjusted end screen.
YouTube Edit 9b


Mastering the YouTube Studio Editor unlocks a realm of opportunities for refining and enhancing your content. Enhance your videos effortlessly, without the inconvenience of re-uploading.

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